The Value of Staging Laparoscopy for Optimal Multidisciplinary Treatment in Patients with Gastric Cancer

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The Value of Staging Laparoscopy for Optimal Multidisciplinary Treatment in Patients with Gastric Cancer

Vasile V. Bintintan, Andreea Cordoş, Romeo Chira, Simona Cocu, Paul Rus, Adriana Bintintan, Georgiana Nagy, Larisa Ciule, Emanuel Cata, Andrei Pop, Vlad Fagarasan, Andrei Ungureanu, Valeriu Surlin, Dan Timofte, Kim Young Woo, Constantin Ciuce, George Dindelegan
Original article, no. 6, 2018
Article DOI: 10.21614/chirurgia.113.6.789
Introduction: Despite improvements in the conventional preoperative tools used for staging of gastric cancer, their accuracy still needs to be improved. Laparoscopy has the potential to visualize and characterize the tumor, the peritoneal cavity and the lymph nodes and thus to better select patients for the optimal treatment strategy.

Material and Method: Patients with gastric cancer staged initially with contrast enhanced computer tomography and endoscopic ultrasound were also evaluated by laparoscopy and laparoscopic ultrasound in a distinct preoperative staging procedure. The perioperative data was recorded in a prospective database and was used to decide within the multidisciplinary team the optimal treatment protocol for each patient. The database was retrospectively reviewed for this study.

Results: Among the 20 CT-scan M0 patients analyzed, peritoneal carcinomatosis was detected in 15% of the cases.
In other 15% of patients laparoscopy upstaged the tumor and directed the patient towards neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Laparoscopic guided percutaneous core biopsies settled the definitive diagnosis in 3 further cases. In total, laparoscopic staging brought important information in 65% of cases and changed the treatment plan in 30% of patients.

Conclusions: In the era of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, laparoscopy has the potential to overcome some of the limitations of the conventional staging methods and offers additional informations which finally change the treatment plan in as much as a third of patients with gastric cancer.

Keywords: laparoscopy, staging, gastric cancer