Robotic Revisional Experience. Single Centre Prospective Cohort Study and Review of the Literature

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Robotic Revisional Experience. Single Centre Prospective Cohort Study and Review of the Literature

Ramon Vilallonga, Arturo Cirera de Tudela, Elsa García Möller, Laura Vidal Piñeiro, Marta Barros Segura, Meritxell Pera Ferreruela, Rodrigo Mata Mata, Enric Caubet, Oscar Gonzalez, Amador Garcia Ruiz de Gordejuela, Andrea Ciudin, José Manuel Fort, Manuel Armengol Carrasco
Review Articles, no. 1, 2021
Article DOI: 10.21614/chirurgia.116.1.7
Background: Robotic bariatric surgery (RBS) has increased in recent years. Many doubts continue to exist regarding its utility in terms of postoperative complications, costs and technical aspects. RBS has increased its number and shows a more technical challenge associated with more post-operative complications compared to primary bariatric surgery. We herein present a single institution experience and review to describe its utility in revisional surgery.

Methods: A retrospective review of our experience and a review of the literature has been conducted to evaluate the impact of robotic revisional surgery in the bariatric field.

Results: A total of 17 patients (5 female and 12 male) were operated on. Most frequent surgery was conversion of sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass (n=9). No leaks were found nor severe complications. A systematic review showed similar results including a decreased number for complications when performing robotic revisional surgery.

Conclusions: Revisional robotic surgery shows better results compared to standard laparoscopic revisional bariatric surgery in terms of efficacy, safety and hospital stay. No differences were seen in rates of mortality, morbidity and reintervention between both approaches. We encourage surgeons to learn to perform the robotic technique as part of the process of democratization and standardization of bariatric surgery.

Keywords: robotic surgery, Da Vinci, bariatric surgery, revisional, SADI-S, conversion