Inguinal Hernia - Is There Any Room Left for Classical Procedures

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Inguinal Hernia - Is There Any Room Left for Classical Procedures

Horia Doran, Florin-Teodor Bobircă, Dan Dumitrescu, Mihai Pecie, Traian Pătraşcu
Original article, no. 5, 2021
Article DOI: 10.21614/chirurgia.116.5.568
Background: Nowadays, the repair of inguinal hernias is mostly achieved through a minimally invasive approach (TAPP or TEP) which has well-known advantages. However, the Lichtenstein mesh technique still has some particular indications.

Methods: We reviewed 256 consecutive patients who underwent a Lichtenstein procedure during 5 years (2015-2019) in the Department of General Surgery of "Dr. I. Cantacuzino" Clinical Hospital. The vast majority of them - 180 (74%) were 60 or older and 105 (41%) were over 70. Severe cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and other significant co-morbidities were recorded in 128 patients (50%).

Results: 240 patients had a favorable evolution, 12 experienced local complications, while in 4 we recorded severe cardiac post-operative events.1 patient died due to a massive myocardial infarction.

Conclusions: The surgical treatment of inguinal hernias should be adapted to the age and biological status of the patient; surgical departments must be able to provide both a laparoscopic and an open-surgery approach.

Keywords: inguinal hernia, Lichtenstein technique