Number 6/2014 - Nov-Dec
         Original articles

Thyroid and Thymic Exeresis in Surgery of Hyperparathyroidism ABSTRACT
M.R. Diaconescu, M. Glod, I. Costea, M. Grigorovici, S. Diaconescu
Emergent Endovascular Repair of Ruptured Abdominal and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms in a Single Center: Midterm Outcomes ABSTRACT
A. Umit Gullu, T.D. Burnaz, E.M. Okten, S. Senay, C. Ariturk, F. Toraman, M. Kocyigit, S. Yaylaci, E.H. Karabulut, C. Alhan
Multivisceral Echinococcosis: Concept, Diagnosis, Management ABSTRACT
C. Grozavu, M. Ilias, D. Pantile
Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy ABSTRACT
A. Cotirlet, M. Nedelcu, E. Popa, R. Anghel, S. Rau, I. Motoc, E. Tincu
Surgical Strategies in Severe Acute Pancreatitis (SAP): Indications, Complications and Surgical Approaches ABSTRACT
L. Kiss, Gh.N. Sarbu, A. Bereanu, R. Kiss
The Role of Pelvic Bone Anatomy in the Pathogenesis of Inguinal Hernia ABSTRACT
H.V. Harissis, G.K. Georgiou
Surgical Treatment in Stenosing Rectal Cancer ABSTRACT
V. Deaconescu, L. Simion, M. Alecu, S. Ionescu, B. Mastalier, N.D. Straja
Evaluation of CR-POSSUM, Original ACPGBI and New ACPGBI Scoring Systems for Colorectal Cancer Surgery ABSTRACT
O.F. Ozkan, A. Guner, U. Kaya, C. Kece, E. Reis, S. Kesici
Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Mechanisms Associated with Cervical Cancer Specific Treatment ABSTRACT
S. Marinescu, R. Anghel, M.I. Gruia, M. Beuran
Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Comparison of Two Techniques ABSTRACT
G. C. Tender, D. Serban
Appendiceal Mucocele: Clinical and Imaging Features of 14 Cases ABSTRACT
F. Umit Malya, M. Hasbahceci, A. Serter, G. Cipe, O. Karatepe, E. Kocakoc, M. Muslumanoglu

         General report

Surgical Treatment of Gastric Cancer in Japan, Trend from Standardization to IndividualizationABSTRACT
K. Maruyama, H. Katai
Splenic Implant Assessment in TraumaABSTRACT
Al.L. Chiotoroiu, D.M. Venter, I. Negoi, C. Vartosu, O. Plotogea, S. Paun, M. Vartic, M. Beuran
Therapeutic Strategies in Colonic CancerABSTRACT
D. Dinu, R. Birla, A. Caragui, S. Constantinoiu

         Clinical cases

Therapeutic Management of Massive Subcutaneous Emphysema, Bilateral Pneumothorax and Pneumomediastinum after Anterior Cordectomy for in situ Vocal Cord Carcinoma - Case ReportABSTRACT
C.C. Georgescu, C. Margaritescu, I. Osman, M. Stoica, M. Mitroi, V. Surlin
Hypertensive Late Hemothorax following Left PneumonectomyABSTRACT
O. Rus, C. Motas, N. Motas, D. Achim, T. Horvat
Congenital Agenesis of the Inferior Vena Cava - Cause of Deep Vein ThrombosisABSTRACT
A. Bolocan, D. Ion, D.N. Ciocan, D.N. Paduraru
Allograft Inflow - Concern in Liver Transplantation after Intraoperative Radiotherapy for CholangiocarcinomaABSTRACT
C. Lupascu, J. Lerut
Collision Tumor of the Appendix: Mucinous Cystadenoma and Carcinoid. A Case ReportABSTRACT
D. Dellaportas, N.F. Vlahos, G. Polymeneas, G. Gkiokas, C. Dastamani, E. Carvounis, T. Theodosopoulos
Pseudomixoma Peritonei, a Rare Entity Difficult to Diagnose and Treat - Case ReportABSTRACT
C.I. Mavrodin, G. Pariza, V. Iordache, P. Iorga, M. Sajin
Retrorectal Dermoid Cyst Manifested as an Extrasphincteric Perianal Fistula - Case ReportABSTRACT
A. Karagjozov, I. Milev, S. Antovic, E. Kadri
Transvaginal Coloanal Anastomosis after Rectal Resection for the Treatment of a Rectovaginal Fistula Induced by RadiationABSTRACT
I. Brezean
Secondary Extracranial Meningiomas Extending into the Paranasal SinusesABSTRACT
S. Albu, I.S. Florian, G. Baciut
         History of medicine

Professor Dr. Sergiu Duca - A Pathbreaker
C. Iancu

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