Number 6/2013 - November-December
         Original articles

Indication for Transplantation in a Patient with Univentricular Heart ABSTRACT
A. Sglimbea, M. Opriş, M. Suciu, M. Ispas, R. Deac, H. Suciu
Minimally Invasive Treatment of Cholecysto-choledochal Lithiasis - "Rendez-vous" Technique ABSTRACT
B.A. Safta, M. Grigoriu, R. Palade, D. Ion, D.N. Păduraru, A. Bolocan
Transthoracic versus Transhiatal Esophagectomy: A Permanent Dilemma. Our 15-year Experience ABSTRACT
R.M. Neagoe, D. Sala, S. Voidazan, S. Bancu, L. Kiss, H. Suciu
Quality of Life after Laparoscopic Fundoplication for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Preliminary Study ABSTRACT
A.E. Nicolau, M. Crăciun, R. Zota, A. Kitkani
The Surgical Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitis: A Clinical Series of 17 Cases ABSTRACT
D. Vasile, A. Ilco, D. Popa, A. Belega, S. Pana
Cryosurgery for Isolated Liver Tumors or Associated with Complex Liver Resection: A Series of 38 Patients ABSTRACT
L. P. Mosoia, Th. Artenie, R. Petrescu, M. Bogdan, I. Câmpeanu
Association of Ventral Incisional Hernias with Comorbid Diseases ABSTRACT
M. Akinci, K.B. Yilmaz, B. Kulah, G.E. Seker, C. Ugurlu, H. Kulacoglu
Surgical Outcome of Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Experience of a Tertiary Center ABSTRACT
R. Zaharie, F. Zaharie, L. Mocan, V. Andreica, M. Tantau, C. Zdrehus, C. Iancu, C. Tomus
Microsatellite Instability in the Management of Stage II Colorectal Patients ABSTRACT
V. Strâmbu, D. Garofil, F. Pop, P. Radu, M. Brătucu, C. Iorga, R. Iorga, C. Pasnicu, A. Ion, F. Popa
Pre-operative Hypoalbuminemia in Colorectal Cancer Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery - A Major Risk Factor for Postoperative Outcome ABSTRACT
D. Ionescu, C. Tibrea, C. Puia
The Value of Serum Bilirubin Level and of White Blood Cell Count as Severity Markers for Acute Appendicitis ABSTRACT
B. Socea, A. Carâp, M. Rac-Albu, V. Constantin
Hernia Mesh Repair of the Anterior Abdominal Wall and Antibiotic Chemoprophylaxis: Multiple Doses of Antibiotics Failed to Prevent or Reduce Wound Infection ABSTRACT
O. Ioannidis, G. Paraskevas, I. Varnalidis, M. Ntoumpara, L. Tsigkriki, S. Gatzos, S.G. Malakozis, D. Papapostolou, A. Papadopoulou, A. Makrantonakis, N. Makrantonakis
Effects of Ethylene Oxide Resterilization and In-vitro Degradation on Mechanical Properties of Partially Absorbable Composite Hernia Meshes ABSTRACT
T. Endogan, I. Ozyaylali, H. Kulacoglu, K. Serbetci, G. Kiyak, N. Hasirci
The Significance of PDGF Expression in Serum of Colorectal Carcinoma Patients - Correlation with Dukes Clasification. Can PDGF Become a Potential Biomarker? ABSTRACT
C. Braicu, O. Tudoran, L. Balacescu, C. Catana, E. Neagoe, I. Berindan-Neagoe, C. Ionescu
Is Prosthetic Repair of the Abdominal Wall in Clean-Contaminated Surgical Interventions Possible? ABSTRACT
D. Ion, R.V. Stoian, A. Bolocan, A. Cucu, M.B. Serban, D.N. Paduraru
Corelation of Lymphocytic Infiltrates with the Prognosis of Recurrent Colo-Rectal Cancer ABSTRACT
S.T. Makkai-Popa, S. Luncă, G. Dimofte, A. Vrânceanu, D. Franciug, I. Ivanov, F. Zugun, E. Târcoveanu, E. Carasevici
Herbert Capsuloplasty and Burnei Tenomyoplasty for the Correction of Genu Flexum in Cerebral Palsy, Arthrogryposis and Posttraumatic ABSTRACT
S. Gavriliu, I. Georgescu, A. Ulici, R. Ghita, E.M. Japie, N. Pandea, A. Pârvan, C. Burnei, I.L. Ţiripa, A. Martiniuc, S. Hamei, I. Draghici
The Influence of Total Knee Arthroplasty on Postural Control ABSTRACT
G. Stan, H. Orban, C. Orban, D. Petcu, P. Gheorghe
Results of Surgical Treatment of Acetabular Fractures Using Kocher-Langenbeck Approach ABSTRACT
O. Alexa, R.I. Malancea, B. Puha, S. Luncă, B. Veliceasa

         General report

Surgical Virtual Reality - Highlights in Developing a High Performance Surgical Haptic DeviceABSTRACT
D. Custură-Crăciun, D. Cochior, S. Constantinoiu, C. Neagu
The Influence of the Analgesic Model on Postoperative Pain in Major Knee SurgeryABSTRACT
D.M. Anastase, S. Cionac Florescu, A-M Munteanu, I.C. Stoica, D. Antonescu

         Clinical cases

Adrenal and Pituitary Incidentalomas in a Case of Cushing\'s SyndromeABSTRACT
C. Poiană, C. Chiriţă, M. Carşote, D. Hortopan, D. Ioachim, C.M. Corneci, B. Stănescu
Ileo-ceco-descendento-colic Intussusception in Adult - A Case ReportABSTRACT
C. Molnar, V.I. Neagoe, C. Nicolescu, A. Panţiru, A. Tudor, C. Roşca, C. Copotoiu
A Rare Case of Acute Abdomen: Garengeot HerniaABSTRACT
V. Ardeleanu, S. Chicos, D. Tutunaru, C. Georgescu
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2A: Case ReportABSTRACT
D.L. Păun, C. Poiană, R. Petriş, Ș. Radian, R. Dănciulescu Miulescu, G. Constantinescu, C. Orban
A Case of Respiratory Epithelial Adenomatoid HamartomaABSTRACT
L.G. Marin, V. Trombitas, S. Albu
Unusual Anatomical Detection of a Third Molar in the Infratemporal FossaABSTRACT
C. Corega, L. Vaida, D. Festila, D. Bertossi

         Image for surgeons

Emergency Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Bleeding Pancreatic Pseudoaneurysm in Patient with Common Mesentery and Replaced Right Hepatic ArteryABSTRACT
C. Lupaşcu, C. Ursulescu, D. Andronic

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