Number 5/2017 - Sept-Oct
Chirurgia nr. 5 2017

Emergency Surgery in Romania - Present and Perspectives!
Mircea Beuran, Bogdan Diaconescu
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Education for Emergency Surgery and Trauma
Jonathan Tilsed
Laparoscopy in Abdominal Emergencies - Past and Future
Selman Uranues
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Massive Transfusion and Massive Transfusion Protocols. Where We Are and Where We Need to Go.
Raul Coimbra

         Review Articles

Damage Control ResuscitationABSTRACT
Jason M Samuels, Hunter B Moore, Ernest E Moore
Minimal Invasive Surgical Treatment of Fragility Fractures of the PelvisABSTRACT
Pol Maria Rommens, Daniel Wagner, Alex Hofmann
Failure to Rescue, Rescue Surgery and Centralization of Postoperative Complications: A Challenge for General and Acute Care SurgeonsABSTRACT
Mauro Zago, Samantha Bozzo, Giulia Carrara, Diego Mariani
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) - The Evidence in Geriatric Emergency Surgery: A Systematic ReviewABSTRACT
Mihai Paduraru, Luca Ponchietti, Isidro Martinez Casas, Peter Svenningsen, Jorge Pereira, Aitor Landaluce-Olavarria, Roser Farre Font, Iciar Pascual Miguel, Bakarne Ugarte-Sierra
Multimodal Rehabilitation in Geriatric Emergency SurgeryABSTRACT
Jorge Pereira, Mihai Paduraru
         Original articles

The Future of Emergency Surgery ABSTRACT
Yan Mei Goh, Parveen Vitish-Sharma, Ahmed Saad, Saira Bibi, Peep Talving, Luca Ponchietti
The Operative Management of Flail Chest Injuries with Concomitant Sternal Fracture ABSTRACT
Stefan Schulz-Drost, Sebastian Krinner, Andreas Langenbach, David Merschin, Sina Grupp, Friedrich F. Hennig, Axel Ekkernkamp, Andreas Mauerer
Injuries of the Medial Clavicle: A Cohort Analysis in a Level-I-Trauma-Center. Concomitant Injuries. Management. Classification ABSTRACT
Mustafa Sinan Bakir, David Merschin, Jan Unterkofler, Denis Guembel, Andreas Langenbach, Axel Ekkernkamp, Stefan Schulz-Drost
Surgical Stabilization of Costoclavicular Injuries - A Combination of Flail Chest Injuries and a Clavicula Fracture ABSTRACT
Andreas Langenbach, Melina Pinther, Sebastian Krinner, Sina Grupp, Axel Ekkernkamp, Friedrich F. Hennig, Stefan Schulz-Drost
Apps in Trauma and Emergency Surgery ABSTRACT
Ahmed Saad, Saira Bibi, Parveen Vitish-Sharma, Yan Mei Goh, Peep Talving, Luca Ponchietti

         Clinical case

Seat Belt Syndrome and the Submarine Effect: A Case ReportABSTRACT
Raquel Cobos Cuesta, Isidro Martinez Casas, Francisco Jiminez Armenteros, Angela Ximena Argote Camacho, Jose Maria Capitan Vallvey

         Surgical Techniques

Injuries of the Sternoclavicular Joint - An Innovative Approach in the Management of a Rare Injury: Tight Rope Fixation of the Costo-Clavicular LigamentABSTRACT
Jan Unterkofler, David Merschin, Andreas Langenbach, Axel Ekkernkamp, Stefan Schulz-Drost
"Mending A Broken Heart!" (a few technical tips on repairing penetrating trauma to the heart)ABSTRACT
Myint Tun, John Massalis, Bogdan Diaconescu, Elias Degiannis
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         Scientific events

The 18th European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery between Past and Future  
Mircea Beuran, Bogdan Diaconescu
National Surgery Conference in Iasi - A Success of Romanian Surgery  
Silviu Constantinoiu
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         Letter to the Editor

Is There a Threat Towards Medical Institutions, and What to Do?ABSTRACT
Mike Bemelman
Acute Care Surgery: A Necessity Across Europe. Are We Ready to Take the Lead?ABSTRACT
Hayato Kurihara
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         Book review

Treatise on Oesophageal Pathology and SurgeryABSTRACT
Silviu Constantinoiu
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