Number 5/2014 - Sept-Oct

Clostridium Difficile Infection and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What Gastroenterologists and Surgeons Should Know
C. Cojocariu, A. Trifan, O. Stoica, C.A. Chihaia, C. Stanciu
         Original articles

Esophagectomy in Esophageal Cancer - is there an Optimal Approach? ABSTRACT
N. Dănilă, C. Lupaşcu, M. Andronic, M. Costache, O. Dumitaş, A. Plesa, M. Blaj, O. Apopei
Laparoscopic Treatment in Achalasia of the Cardia ABSTRACT
B. Ursut, L. Alecu, A. Tulin, O. Enciu
Total Thyroidectomy with LigaSure Small Jaw versus Conventional Thyroidectomy - a Clinical Study ABSTRACT
C. Molnar, S. Voidazan, C.C. Rad, V.I. Neagoe, C. Roşca, L. Barna, C. Copotoiu
Hemithyroidectomy for Unilateral Thyroid Disease ABSTRACT
Z. Ergul, M. Akinci, H. Kulacoglu
The Use of Ligasure Vessel Sealing System in Axillary Dissection; Effect on Seroma Formation ABSTRACT
M. Tukenmez, O. Agcaoglu, N. Aksakal, S. Destek, N. Cabioglu, U. Barbaros, Y. Erbil, A. Bozbora, A. Dinccag, V. Ozmen, M. Muslumanoglu, A. Igci
GSTM1, GSTT1 and GSTP1 in Patients with Multiple Breast Cancers and Breast Cancer in Association with another Type of Cancer ABSTRACT
D. N. Chirilă, O. Bălăcescu, R. Popp, A. Oprea, N. A. Constantea, Ș. Vesa, C. Ciuce
Is Surgical Treatment of Liver Hemangiomas Effective for Pain Relief? ABSTRACT
E.G. Dumlu, O. Abbasoglu, E. Hamaloglu
Changes in the Operating Time of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy of the Surgeons and Novices between 1994-2012 ABSTRACT
P. Lukovich, A. Zsirka, L. Harsanyi
Anatomo-Clinical Analysis of 14 Consecutive Cases of Primary Cystic Mesenterico-Epiploic Tumors ABSTRACT
P.V.H. Boţianu, M. Gliga, S.C. Moldovan, A.M.V. Boţianu, A. Bacarea, A.M. Boţianu, Z.A. Szasz
Management of Recurrent or Metastatic Retroperitoneal Soft-Tissue Sarcomas ABSTRACT
D. Damianov, Y. Asenov, P. Kurtev, N. Penkov, B. Korukov, P. Gerzilov, T. Sedloev, B. Golemanov
Laparoscopic Surgical Treatment of Umbilical Hernia and Small Eventrations with Prosthetic Mesh using Omentum Overlay ABSTRACT
D. Bratu, A. Sabău, A. Dumitra, D. Sabău, A. Miheţiu, L. Beli, R. Hulpuş
Human Fibrin Glue Sealing versus Suture Polypropylene Fixation in Lichtenstein Inguinal Herniorrhaphy: a Prospective Observational Study ABSTRACT
G. Damiano, M.C. Gioviale, V.D. Palumbo, G. Spinelli, S. Buscemi, S. Ficarella, A. Bruno, G. Tomasello, A.I. Lo Monte
Progressive Preoperative Pneumoperitoneum (PPP) as an Adjunct for Surgery of Hernias with Loss of Domain ABSTRACT
V. Oprea, O. Matei, D. Gheorghescu, D. Leuca, F. Buia, M. Rosianu, M. Dinca
Poststernotomy wound Management by Debridement and Pedicle Flaps Reconstruction ABSTRACT
N. Antohi, V. Stan, C. Huian, S. Nae

         How I do it

Smooth Loop Arterio-Venous FistulaABSTRACT
S. Pantea, I. Bengulescu

         General report

Peripheral Nerve Allografting - Why and How?ABSTRACT
S.C. Bădoiu, I. Lascăr, D.M. Enescu
Multidisciplinary Management of Adult Low Grade GliomasABSTRACT
D. Mariş, D. Nica, D. Mohan, H. Moisa, A.V. Ciurea

         Clinical cases

Large Piece of Wood Board Removal and Long Term Survival in a Patient with Stabbed Thoracic Wound - Case ReportABSTRACT
B.A. Suciu, V. Bud, A. Strat, A.C. Copotoiu
Biliary Cast - Complication of Cholangitis and Pancreatitis in a Pancreas Divisum PatientABSTRACT
F. Graur, H. Neagos, A. Cavasi, N. Al Hajjar
Anterior Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Approach of Retroperitoneal Tumour - Clinical CaseABSTRACT
C.C. Crăciun, L. Azamfirei, M.F. Coroş, I. Gyorgy-Fazakas, A. Hintea
Peristomal Necrotizing Fasciitis - Peculiar Evolution of a Patient with Metachronous Colonic TumorsABSTRACT
I.T. Marin, H. Doran, R. Zaharia, L. Lupu, T. Panazan, I. Brezean
Abdominal Wall Non-Clostridian Gas Cellulitis: a Rare Complication of a ColostomaABSTRACT
A. Maier, L. Boieriu
Difficulties in the Diagnostics and Treatment of Near-Total Congenital MegacolonABSTRACT
L. Topor, A. Ulici, D. Mălureanu, I. Stoica, A. Moga
         History of medicine

The Legacy of Prof. Constantin Arseni. The Medical Architect Behind the Romanian School of Neurosurgery
D. Mohan, I. Luca Husti, H. Moisa, A.V. Ciurea, H.C. Mult
         IN MEMORIAM...

Prof. Dr. Nicolae Angelescu is no longer among us...ABSTRACT
F. Popa



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