Number 4/2014 - July-Aug
         Original articles

Videomediastinoscopy: a Ten Year Experience on Lung Cancer Stadiation and Non-Diagnosed Mediastinal Lymphoadenopathy ABSTRACT
F. Inzirillo, C. Giorgetta, E. Ravalli, S. Tiberi, C. Della Pona
Bronchoanastomotic and Bronchoplastic Resections in Pulmonary Malignancy Retrospective Study 2000 - 2009 ABSTRACT
O. Rus, C. Motaş , N. Motaş, D. Achim, T. Horvat
Conserving Surgery - Balance between Good Cosmetic Aspect and Local Disease Control in Incipient Breast Cancer ABSTRACT
G. Gogescu, Ș. Marinescu, E. Brătucu
The Many Faces of Triple Negative Breast Cancer ABSTRACT
T. Potecă, M. Comănescu, A. Potecă, C. Cocosila
Assessment of Different Prognostic Scores for Early Postoperative Outcomes after Esophagectomy ABSTRACT
B. Filip, I. Hutanu, I. Radu, M.G. Anitei, V. Scripcariu
Effects of Acute Pancreatitis on Plasma Total and Lipid Bound Sialic Acid Levels: An Experimental Study in Rats ABSTRACT
O.F. Ozkan, O. Cikman, E.C. Roach, A.S. Kemik, F. Gunes, M. Karaayvaz
Management of Bile Duct Injuries Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Long-term Outcome and Risk Factors Infuencing Biliary Reconstruction ABSTRACT
N. Al Hajjar, C. Tomuş, L. Mocan, T. Mocan, F. Graur, C. Iancu, F. Zaharie
Radiofrequency Ablation Device Assisted Liver Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma ABSTRACT
N. Vlad, C. Gouillat, R. Moldovanu, C. Lupaşcu, Ș. Georgescu, E. Târcoveanu
Past and Present in Omphalocele Treatment in Romania ABSTRACT
E. Ţarcă, S.G. Aprodu
Laparoscopic Treatment for Complicated Acute Appendicitis in Children, Junior Athletes ABSTRACT
S. Ionescu, B. Andrei, E. Licsandru, M. Ivanov, A.M. Ionescu
Laparoscopic versus Open Appendectomy: Where Are We Now? ABSTRACT
G. Cipe, O. Idiz, M. Hasbahceci, S. Bozkurt, H. Kadioglu, H. Coskun, O. Karatepe, M. Muslumanoglu
Iatrogenic Perforations during Colonoscopy ABSTRACT
H. Doran, I.T. Marin, M. Iaciu, T. Pătraşcu
Intestinal Obstruction Management in Patients with Advanced Abdominal Neoplasia ABSTRACT
L. Simion, N.D. Straja, M. Alecu, V. Poroch, D. Moşoiu, C. Panti, V. Grigorean, E. Brătucu

         How I do it

V. Sârbu, R. Melihov, O. Unc, D. Costea, M. Pundiche, R. Ilie, V. Truta

         General report

Lesions of the Laryngeal Nerves during Thyroidectomy - What's New?ABSTRACT
R. Popescu, S. Constantinoiu
The Role of Angiography and Embolization in Blunt Splenic TraumaABSTRACT
I. Gheju, M. Beuran
Giant Condyloma Acuminatum - Buschke-Lowenstein Disease - a Literature ReviewABSTRACT
D. Spinu, A. Rădulescu, O. Bratu, I.A. Checheriţă, A.E. Ranetti, D. Mischianu

         Clinical cases

Transmural Gastric Migration of Dual-sided PTFE/ePTFEE Mesh after Laparoscopic Surgery for a Recurrent Hiatal Hernia with Dysphagia: Case ReportABSTRACT
D. Acin-Gandara, C. Miliani-Molina, J.A. Carneros-Martin, J. Martinez-Pineiro, M. De Vega Iraneta, F. Pereira-Perez
Choleperitoneum due to Intrahepatic Bile Duct Rupture - Case ReportABSTRACT
L. Simion, D.N. Straja, V.M. Prunoiu, M. Alecu, E. Brătucu
Primary Umbilical Endometriosis (Villar's nodule) - Case Study, Literature RevisionABSTRACT
G. Pariza, C.I. Mavrodin
Could the Complications of Megacolon be Avoided by Monitoring the Risk Patients? Cases ReportABSTRACT
A. Toro, G. Cappello, M. Mannino, I. Di Carlo
Three Cases of Primary Hydatidosis of the Gluteus Muscle: Our Experience in Clinical, Diagnostic and Treatment AspectsABSTRACT
G.K. Charalambous, V.A. Katergiannakis, A.J. Manouras
Primary Axillary Hydatid CystABSTRACT
D. Mercuţ, A. Andriţoiu, E.T. Traşcă, C. Siloşi, A. Resceanu, R. Mercuţ

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