Number 3/2022 - May-Jun
Chirurgia nr. 3 2022

         Review Articles

Is There a Role for Minimally Invasive Surgery in Cervical Cancer Treatment: Carry on, Discard, or Modify? A Literature Review and Case Series PresentationABSTRACT
Corina-Elena Minciuna, Ovidiu Bitere, Monica Lacatus, Stefan Tudor, Rodica Maricela Anghel, Catalin Vasilescu
Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy with Mitomycin C versus Oxaliplatin after Cytoreductive Surgery for the Treatment of Peritoneal Metastases of Colorectal Cancer OriginABSTRACT
Chrysanthi Papageorgopoulou, Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos, Charalampos Seretis

         Systematic Review

Graft Inflow Modulation in Living Donor Liver Transplantation with a Small-for-Size Graft: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisABSTRACT
Paschalis Gavriilidis, Daniel Azoulay
         Original articles

Pancreatic Incidentalomas on CT Colonography: Ignore, Follow up or Investigate? ABSTRACT
Sreelakshmi Mallappa, Tim Pencavel, Stephanie Poo, Tamara Gall, David Cunningham, Paris Tekkis, Long R Jiao
The Effect of Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy on the Pathological Response in Patients with Rectal Cancer ABSTRACT
Angela Blajin, Daniel Alin Cristian, Andrei Popa, Vlad Filimon, George Halcu, Magdalena Bratu, Traean Burcos
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Major Surgical Resections in Abdominopelvic Sarcomas: Clinical Features and Results of 38 patients: A Tertiary-Center Experience ABSTRACT
Murat Kalin, Omer Faruk Ozkan, Ozgul Duzgun, Hanife Seyda Ulgur, Muhammed Kadir Yildirak, Resul Sobay, Gurkan Kiran
The Impact of Temporal Variation in ICG Administration on Axillary Node Identification During Reverse Mapping Procedures ABSTRACT
Mirela Mariana Roman, Jean-Marie Nogaret, Isabelle Veys, Pauline Delrue, Christine Eddy, Clarence Karler, Véronique Del Marmol, Pierre Bourgeois
Mechanical Ventilation Associated Pneumomediastinum - A Rising Incidence of Cases in an Emergency Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemics ABSTRACT
Roxana Crăciun, Cristiana Bogaciu, Vladimir Ciobotaru, Anca Nica, Alexandru Smaranda, Vlad Constantin, Bogdan Socea, Alexandru Carâp
Cervico-Thoracic Air Collections in COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients - Our Experience and Brief Review ABSTRACT
Claudiu Eduard Nistor, Camelia Stanciu Gavan, Daniel Pantile, Narcis Valentin Tănase, Adrian Ciuche

         How I do it

Transposition Flaps in the Reconstruction of Auricular Defects after MOHS Micrographic SurgeryABSTRACT
Anita Barcan, Irina Nasturica, Valentin Vladoiu, Andreea Mite, Andrei Museteanu, Florin Bobirca, Mihaela Leventer

         Clinical case

Middle Pulmonary Lobe Abscess: A Delayed Complication of Laparoscopic CholecystectomyABSTRACT
Nicoleta Leopa, Valerian Cristian Pavaloiu, Mihaela Pundiche, Razvan Bosneagu, Razvan Catalin Popescu

         Surgical Techniques

Laparoscopic Restorative Proctocolectomy for Ulcerative Colitis - How I Do It?ABSTRACT
Oana Stanciulea, Mihai Adrian Eftimie, Iulian Mosteanu, Robert Ciortan, Irinel Popescu
Surgical Repair of Iatrogenic Duodenal Injuries with a Roux-en-Y Duodenojejunostomy: A Physiology-oriented ApproachABSTRACT
Dimitrios Symeonidis, Athina A. Samara, Alexandros Diamantis, Ioanna-Konstantina Sgantzou, Theodoros Floros, Dimitrios Zacharoulis
         IN MEMORIAM...

Prof. Dr. Victor Strat In MemoriamABSTRACT
Eugen Târcoveanu, Alin Vasilescu
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Erratum for Achalasia at the Crossroads Between Specialties

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