Number 2/2014 - March-April
         Original articles

The Place of Radiofrequency Ablation in the Multimodal Treatment of Cervical Cancer. Our Experience ABSTRACT
M.A. Marincaş, V.M. Prunoiu, S. Ionescu, E. Brătucu
Retrospective Study Minimally Invasive Management of Postoperative Lithiasis of the Common Bile Duct ABSTRACT
B.A. Safta, M. Grigoriu, R. Palade, D. Ion, D.N. Păduraru, A. Bolocan
Parastomal Hernias - Clinical Study of Therapeutic Strategies ABSTRACT
E. Târcoveanu, A. Vasilescu, E. Cotea, N. Vlad, M. Palaghia, N. Dănilă, M. Variu
Preoperative Radiotherapy in Rectal Cancer Treatment - is it Really a Golden Standard? ABSTRACT
Tr. Pătraşcu, H. Doran, O. Mihalache
Occult Thyroid Carcinoma in Our Experience - Should We Reconsider Total Thyroidectomy for Benign Thyroid Pathology? ABSTRACT
L. Alecu, M. Bărbulescu, B. Ursuţ, O. Enciu, I. Slavu, V. Braga
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Improves Reproductive Hormone Levels in Morbidly Obese Males - A Series of 28 Cases ABSTRACT
R. Mihalca, C. Copăescu, A. Sirbu, S. Florea, S. Martin, C.G. Barbu, S. Fica
Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Experience of a Single Center ABSTRACT
L. Iliescu, E. Mindrut, M. Grasu, C. Orban, A. Tanase, L. Toma
The Use of Mechanical Suture in the Treatment of Hirschsprung's Disease: Experience of 17 Cases ABSTRACT
R.I. Spataru
Motor Criteria Evaluation of Iso-anisoperistaltic Graft in Oesophageal Reconstruction - An Experimental Study of Isolated Colic Graft Motility Pattern in Dogs ABSTRACT
D. Predescu, I. Predescu, M. Boeriu, S. Constantinoiu
Acute Abdominal Complications Following Hip Surgery ABSTRACT
B. Deleanu, R. Prejbeanu, D. Vermesan, H. Haragus, I. Icma, V. Predescu
Risk Factors Influencing the Surgical Outcome in 138 Consecutive Patients with Infrarenal Aortic Aneurysm: The Cluj-Napoca Cardiovascular Surgery Center Experience ABSTRACT
A. Molnar, D. Săcui, T. Scridon
Ureteroscopy - First-line Treatment Alternative in Ureteral Calculi During Pregnancy? ABSTRACT
D. Georgescu, R. Mulţescu, B. Geavlete, P. Geavlete, L. Chiuţu
Transarticular Approach and Retrograde Plate Osteosynthesis (TARPO) Using Implants with Angular Stability - A Series of 17 Cases of Complex Distal Femoral Fractures Type C3/AO ABSTRACT
P.D. Sîrbu, R. Asaftei, T. Petreuş, C. Lupaşcu, B. Puha, S. Luncă

         How I do it

Temporary Protective Loop Ileostomy in Open Low Rectal Resection - An Alternative TechniqueABSTRACT
D.A. Cristian, F.A. Grama, T. Burcoş, A. Bordea

         General report

Trauma Registry - A Necessity of Modern Clinical PracticeABSTRACT
M. Beuran, B. Stoica, I. Negoi, I. Tănase, B. Gaspar, C. Turculeţ, S. Păun
Colorectal Cancer with Liver Metastases - is there a Chance for Cure?ABSTRACT
A. Parau, L. Vlad

         Clinical cases

Multiple Visceral Resection after Signet Ring Cell Gastric Cancer Locoregional Recurrence - Case Report and Literature ReviewABSTRACT
N. Bacalbaşa, I. Bălescu, V. Braşoveanu
Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Rare Parietal Complication after Colorectal SurgeryABSTRACT
A. Miron, C. Giulea, I. Tudose, D. Petrache, C. Giurcaneanu
Giant Thoraco-abdominal Tumor - A Surgical Challenge. Case ReportABSTRACT
C. Grozavu, M. Iliaş, D. Marin, D. Pantile, A. Ciuche
Complex Malformation of the Inferior Vena CavaABSTRACT
G. Lesanu, R. Balanescu, D. Pacurar, O. Iaru, R.M. Vlad, L. Topor, D. Oraseanu
Prehepatocholedochal Proper Hepatic Artery. Rare Anatomical Variant. Surgical Considerations. Case ReportABSTRACT
V. Ardeleanu, S. Chicoş, D. Tutunaru, C. Georgescu
Bilateral Pneumothorax and Pneumomediastinum after Orthognathic SurgeryABSTRACT
C. Corega, L. Vaida, D. Festila, D. Bertossi
Umbilical Endometriosis Associated with Large Umbilical Hernia. Case ReportABSTRACT
M. Stojanovic, M. Radojkovic, L. Jeremic, A. Zlatic, G. Stanojevic, D. Janjic, S. Mihajlovic, I. Dimov, M. Kostov, M. Zdravkovic, M. Stojanovic

         Image for surgeons

Intermesenteric Appendicular Abscess, a Diagnostic Challenge; Case Report and ReviewABSTRACT
I.N. Mateş, S. Constantinoiu

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