Number 1/2015 - Jan-Feb
         Original articles

Clinical Significance of the Lymphoscintigraphy in the Evaluation of Non-axillary Sentinel Lymph Node Localization in Breast Cancer ABSTRACT
M. Gherghe, C. Bordea, Al. Blidaru
The Incidence and Risk Factors for occurrence of Arm Lymphedema after Treatment of Breast Cancer ABSTRACT
L. Rebegea, D. Firescu, M. Dumitru, R. Anghel
Local and Distant Recurrences - A Comparative Study on Conservative and Radical Surgery for Breast Cancer ABSTRACT
M. Ursaru, I. Jari, D. Negru, V. Scripcariu
Bone Fracture in Breast Cancer Patients with Isolated Bone Metastasis ABSTRACT
C. Dibekoglu, S. Turanli, N. Karaman, K. Caglar Ozcelik, O. Erdogan
Hepatoprotective Effect of Pioglitazone in Cases of Chemotherapy Induced Steatohepatitis ABSTRACT
S. Celik, K. Kartal, H. Ozseker, M. Hayran, E. Hamaloglu
Serum C-reactive Protein and White Blood Cell Level as Markers of Successful Percutaneous Drainage of Acute Sterile Peripancreatic Fluid Collection ABSTRACT
R. Kotán, P. Sápy, S. Sipka, L. Damjanovich, D. Ágoston Kovács, A. Csiszko, K. Balog, Z. Szentkereszty

         General report

Epidemiology of the Diverticular Disease - Systematic Review of the LiteratureABSTRACT
I. Tănase, S. Păun, B. Stoica, I. Negoi, B. Gaspar, M. Beuran
Comparison of Effects of Devascularization versus Shunt on Patients with Portal Hypertension: A Meta-AnalysisABSTRACT
G-q Zong, Y Fei, R-m Liu

         Clinical cases

Rectal Impalement Injury: from Cruelty to Salvage EndeavourABSTRACT
C. Lupaşcu, V. Fotea, P. Sârbu, D. Andronic
Clinicopathological Phenotype of Parathyroid Carcinoma. Therapeutic and Prognostic AftermathsABSTRACT
M.R. Diaconescu, M. Glod, I. Costea, M. Grigorovici, S. Diaconescu
Large Oesophageal Epiphrenic Diverticulum Resected by Transhiatal Robotically-Assisted Approach - Case ReportABSTRACT
L. Alecu, M. Bărbulescu, B. Ursuţ, V. Braga, I. Slavu
Primary Aortoenteric Fistula: Case ReportABSTRACT
R. Costea, E.C. Zărnescu (Vasiliu), N.O. Zărnescu, S. Neagu
Recurrent Perineal Hernia - Case Report and Review of the LiteratureABSTRACT
N. Penkov, D. Damianov, Y. Asenov, P. Gerzilov, T. Sedloev
Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia - Case ReportABSTRACT
L. Topor, T. Pătrăncuş, R. Caragaţa, A. Moga
         History of medicine

Ernest Juvara (1870-1933) - Founder of the Surgical Anatomy School of Iaşi
E. Târcoveanu, A. Vasilescu

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