Number 1/2014 - January-February
         Original articles

Technical Aspects of Biliary Reconstruction Correlated with Biliary Complications in 46 Consecutive Right Lobe Liver Transplantations from Living Donors ABSTRACT
V. Braşoveanu, C. Anghel, N. Bacalbaşa, M.I. Ionescu, E. Matei, I. Barbu, M. Grasu, D. Tomescu, I. Popescu
Therapeutic Approach in Locally Advanced Colon Tumours (T4NxM0) - Clinical Experience in 18 Consecutive Cases ABSTRACT
M. Marincaş, C. Cirimbei, V. Prunoiu, L. Lucenco, R. Buzatu, S. Ionescu, D. Mihaila, I. Stefan, E. Brătucu
Peculiarities of Lymphatic Drainage in Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma: Clinical Experience in 75 Cases ABSTRACT
S. Voinea, A. Sandru, M. Gherghe, A. Blidaru
Cervico-mediastinal Thyroid Masses - Our Experience ABSTRACT
C. Nistor, A. Ciuche, C. Motaş, N. Motaş, C. Bluoss, D. Pantile, M. Davidescu, T. Horvat
The Utility of the Predictive Scores in Polytrauma with Abdomino-pelvic Injuries: A Series of 38 Patients ABSTRACT
Á. Török, Ș. Bancu, R. Neagoe, M. Mureşan, T. Kántor, A. Suciu, K.E. Vas, Ö. Nagy
Predictors for In-hospital Mortality and Need for Clinical Intervention in Upper GI Bleeding: A 5-year Observational Study ABSTRACT
D.V. Balaban, V. Strâmbu, B.G. Florea, A.R. Cazan, M. Brătucu, M. Jinga
Gas Jet Transection of Liver Parenchima. Experimental research ABSTRACT
V.V. Boyko, D.I. Skoryi, O.V. Maloshtan, O.M. Tyshchenko, T.V. Kozlova, A.O. Maloshtan
A Safety-Based Comparison of Pure LigaSure Use and LigaSure-Tie Technique in Total Thyroidectomy ABSTRACT
A. Pergel, A. Fikret Yucel, I. Aydin, D.A. Sahin, S. Aras, H. Kulacoglu
Early Dynamics of Leptin Plasma Level in Surgical Critically ill Patients. A Prospective Comparative Study ABSTRACT
I. Grigoraş, D.D. Branisteanu, D. Ungureanu, D. Rusu, I. Ristescu
Wound Infections with Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria ABSTRACT
H. Pîrvănescu, M. Bălăşoiu, M.E. Ciurea, A.T. Bălăşoiu, R. Mănescu
A Modern Minimally Invasive Transcallosal Approach to the Third Ventricle. A personal experience of 30 patients ABSTRACT
R. Savu, D. Mohan, A. Mohan, H.A. Moisa, A.V. Ciurea
Postoperative Spondylodiscitis. A Review of 24 Consecutive Patients ABSTRACT
D. Adam, T. Papacocea, I. Hornea, R. Croitoru
Holmium Laser Intrarenal Lithotripsy in Pyelocaliceal Lithiasis Treatment: to Dust or to Extractable Fragments? ABSTRACT
R. Mulţescu, B. Geavlete, D. Georgescu, P. Geavlete, L. Chiuţu
Comparative Study of Design and PCL-Substituting Systems of Total Knee Prosthesis ABSTRACT
R. Adam, C. Orban, H. Orban
Surgical Approach in Difficult Tibial Pilon Fractures ABSTRACT
B. Puha, T. Petreuş, G. Berea, P.D. Sîrbu, G. Puha, O. Alexa
A Modified Surgical Technique for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Repositioning on Severely Atrophic Mandibles: Case Series of 11 Consecutive Surgical Procedures ABSTRACT
H.M. Barbu, L. Levin, M.B. Bucur, R.M. Comaneanu, A. Lorean

         How I do it

Laparoscopic Approach for Rectosigmoidian Resection in ChildrenABSTRACT
M. Oancea, L. Vatra, A. Kadar, C. Copăescu

         General report

Differential Diagnosis of Abdominal Wall Defects - Omphalocele versus GastroschisisABSTRACT
S. Ionescu, M. Mocanu, B. Andrei, B. Bunea, C. Carstoveanu, A. Gurita, R. Tabacaru, E. Licsandru,D. Stanescu, M. Selleh

         Clinical cases

A Case Report of Pancreatic Transection by Blunt Abdominal TraumaABSTRACT
V. Braşoveanu, I. Bălescu, C. Anghel, I. Barbu, M. Ionescu, N. Bacalbaşa
Stump Appendicitis - An Overlooked Clinical EntityABSTRACT
V. Constantin, F. Popa, A. Carâp, B. Socea
Laparoscopic Treatment of a Hepatic Subcapsular Abscess Secondary to Gallbladder Perforation: Case ReportABSTRACT
D. Cristian, F. Grama, T. Burcoş
Pure Pectus Carinatum (Not Associated with Pectus Excavatum) Solved by MIRPC (Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Carinatum) Associated with Bilateral Mamarian Hypoplasia Solved by Bilateral Breast ImplantsABSTRACT
M. Ciurea, D. Ulmeanu, D. Popa, R. Mercuţ, M. Enache, A.L. Vânvu, A. Demetrian
Treatment of Complete Genital Prolapse by Sacrospinous Fixation, Anterior Mesh Repair and Conservation of the UterusABSTRACT
L. Pirtea, D. Grigoras, R. Ilina, A. Mueller-Funogea

         Image for surgeons

Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction - Submucous Lipoma of the Sigmoid ColonABSTRACT
L.S. Andrei, A.C. Andrei, D.L. Usurelu, L.I. Puscasu, C. Dima, E. Preda, I. Lupescu, V. Herlea, I. Popescu

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