Number 1/2013 - January-February
         Original articles

Paraneoplastic Syndrome in Primitive Retroperitoneal Tumours ABSTRACT
O. Bratu, D. Mischianu, D. Spanu, R. Barla, P. Hoara, S. Constantinoiu
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Treating Acute Cholecystitis – Possibilities and Limitations ABSTRACT
E. Suliman, R. Palade
Anomalies Associated with Anorectal Malformations ABSTRACT
R.N. Bălănescu, L. Topor, A. Moga
Particularities of Diagnosis and Treatment in Synchronous Colorectal Cancers (SCC) ABSTRACT
C. Șavlovschi, M. Comandasu, D. Șerban
Rives Technique, A Gold Standard for Incisional Hernias – Our Experience ABSTRACT
V. Strâmbu, P. Radu, M. Brătucu, D. Garofil, C. Iorga, R. Iorga, F. Popa
Atypical Hepatic Resection Technique for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Radiofrequency Habib 4X Device ABSTRACT
N. Vlad, C. Lupașcu, N. Dănilă, Șt. Georgescu, R. Moldovanu, E. Tărcoveanu
Treatment of Bilateral Inguinal Hernia - Minimally Invasive versus Open Surgery Procedure ABSTRACT
L. Timisescu, F. Turcu, R. Munteanu, C. Gadea, L. Drăghici, O. Ginghina, N. Iordache
Feasibility Study of EUS-NOTES as a Novel Approach for Peroral Cholecysto-Gastrostomy ABSTRACT
A. Saftoiu, P. Vilmann, M.S. Bhutani
Minimally Invasive Repair for Pectus Excavatum - Aesthetic and/or Functional? ABSTRACT
C. Grozavu, M. Ilias, D. Marin, D. Pantile, C. Dabelea, T. Augustin
The Role of Preoperative B-Mode and Doppler Ultrasonography in Predicting Technical Challenges for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy ABSTRACT
O. Kaya, T. Gurgen, F. Gurgen, H. Ozturk
Technical Performance of Colonoscopy - Multicenter Study in University and Non-university Centers of Romania ABSTRACT
I. Sporea, A. Popescu, M. Diculescu, V. Stoica, G. Constantinescu, C. Cijevschi Prelipcean, A. Seicean, O. Pascu, M. Jinga, N. Tudor, R. Voiosu, D. Dobru, A. Săftoiu, S. Valean, E. Miutescu, L. Bancu, S. Bataga, D. Dumitrascu, C. Brisc,
Stress Distribution on a Valgus Knee Prosthetic Inclined Interline - A Finite Element Analysis ABSTRACT
H. Orban, G. Stan, L. Gruionu, C. Orban
Comparison of Percutaneous Nucleoplasty and Open Discectomy in Patients with Lumbar Disc Protrusions ABSTRACT
D. Adam, E. Pevzner, R. Gepstein

         General report

Septic Remnants, A Crucial Factor in the Outcome of Suppurated PancreatitisABSTRACT
F. Popa, M. Brătucu, P. Radu, C. Iorga, D. Garofil, A. Cuibac, V. Strâmbu
Local Surgical Treatment with Curative Intent in Rectal CancerABSTRACT
C.S. Mirea, I.D. Vilcea, I. Vasile, A. Mita
Innate Immunity in Surgical PatientsABSTRACT
M. Lacatus

         Clinical cases

Spontaneous Diaphragmatic Rupture: Case Report and Literature ReviewABSTRACT
Gh. Ghidirim, I. Mishin, E. Condratsky, Gh. Zastavnitsky
A Rare Cause of Acute Massive Lower Gastrointestinal BleedingABSTRACT
G. Constantinescu, I. Grintescu, L. Stanciulescu, M. Ilie, M. Beuran, A. Chiotoroiu
Risk Stratification and Consecutive Prognosis Progresses in Childhood Wilms Tumors. Two cases reportABSTRACT
S. Diaconescu, C. Olaru, D. Mihaila, S.G. Aprodu, I. Miron
Continuous Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in the Treatment of a Gigantic Trophic Leg UlcerABSTRACT
Z. Crainiceanu, S. Olariu, V. Bloanca, I. Farca, F. Bodog, P. Matusz, T. Bratu
Recurrent Left Bockdalek Hernia in Adult, a Rare Cause of Subocclusive SyndromeABSTRACT
B. Moldovan, P. Biris, D. Pocreata, S. Vasile, L. Cimpeanu, O. Jeder, A. Badea, A. Moldovan, L. Biris, E. Banu, B. Angheloiu
Use of Minimally Invasive (Percutaneous) Fassier-Duval Telescopic Rod on an 8 Year Old Patient with Lobstein DiseaseABSTRACT
R. Bălănescu, Al. Ulici, D. Rosca, L. Topor, M. Barbu

         Image for surgeons

Peroperative Detection with a Gamma Probe of Pelvic Metastasis after Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma in Female Patients: About Two Cases and Management ReflectionsABSTRACT
A. Pirvu, S. Guigard, H. Blaise, P. Chaffanjon

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